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    A warm welcome to you if your new to wargaming. This section will hopefully grow into a valuable source of information to new wargamers. It is a two way process though, let us know if we're covering the information you need or if you would like something else covered.

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    I suggest that you read through the wargames overview section, this should give you a good idea what wargaming is about. Then read whichever article you want to from the available list. Hopefully you'll glean enough information to get started, without falling into too many of the wargaming pitfalls.

20mm WWII German Panzer I Light Tank & Crewman

Let's get started then!

    Listed below are some of the key area's which we feel new wargamers need to know about, these range from what to expect at a club to painting up your figures or buying/making terrain. On you go...

  • An Overview of Wargaming - Beginners should start here.
  • Rule systems uncovered.
  • Painting up your figures.
  • Dice and Rules Conventions.
  • Terrain and the Wargames Table.
  • What you can expect at a wargames club or a yearly convention.
  • Terminology, a glossary of wargaming terms.

    I'm sure that as this section develops we will add more articles. I sincerely hope that this series has helped clarify things for you so that you can make the most of your time and money. All that's left to say is good luck, we hope you have many victories.

25mm Ral Partha Dragon
"T'char Dragon of Flame & Fury"

Platoon 20

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