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    As mentioned in the beginners overview, our hobby can be a little confusing. Over the coming months we will be exploring many area's in an effort to clarify things for new people looking at our hobby. We thought that looking at a few rules systems would be a start.

    Rules systems have three distinct parts. The first is the actual rule system. The rules are a set of game mechanics, or instuctions, covering the various abilities of the troops such as how far they can move, firing, melee and command factors.

    The second part is the army lists. These, as the name suggests, are a list of each type of troop within the chosen army and also the quantity of troops found. Army lists basically break down an army into it's component parts, this way you know which figures to buy to make up your force.

Sometimes a point system is used instead of an army list. With a point system, each individual figure or element costs a number of points to include in your army. The points costs are weighted making more powerful units expensive to use e.g. in a 300 point fantasy army, a dragon may cost 100 pts, but a lowly orc warrior only 2 pts.

An example army list may look something like this :

Unit Movement Melee Morale Points Qty Figs
Guard Infantry 8" +2 Elite 10 12-20
Line Infantry 6" +0 Average 4 80-120
Light Infantry 8" +1 Good 7 30-60

    The third part is supporting scenarios. A scenario depicts a historical, or sometimes fictional battle. They can cover the entire battle or just a particular engagement in part of a larger battle. Scenario information should include everything needed to wargame the battle, such as :

  • Maps of the terrain
  • Order of battle (an army list)
  • How the troops were deployed
  • Objectives for each army / commander
  • Victory conditions
    Scenario's can be purchased seperately or many in one booklet. Other sources for scenarios are wargaming magazines and various sites on the internet - take a look around.

Some Rule Systems by Period of Warfare
(click on the link for a summary of the rules, if available)

Ancient & Medieval
Shock of Impact
De Bellis Antiquitatis
De Bellis Multitudinus
WRG 7th Edition
Age of Sail
Tactica (Ancients)
Tactica Medieval
Warhammer Ancient Battles

Fantasy Rules
Hordes of Things
AD&D Battlesystem
Warhammer Fantasy Battles

De Bellis Renations
1644 (ECW)
WRG (1420-1700)
Age of Sail
Age of Discovery
Privateers (Pirates!)
Killer Katanas
Ge Koku Jo
Sword & Pistol

18th Century
Age of Reason
Shako (7 Years War)
Patriots & Loyalists
Wild Frontiers
Mid-18th Century Rules

General De Brigade
Ebb & Flow of Battle
Sound of the Guns III
Age of Sail
Napoleons Battles
Clash of Empires
Napoleon's War
Napoleonic Principles of War
Grand Manner
In the Name of Glory
Off to War
200 Years
Action Under Sail 4th Ed.

American Civil War
Fire & Fury
Johnny Reb
Age of Sail
Brother against Brother
Mr Lincoln's War
Crica 1863

19th Century
Principles of War
Battles for Empire
They Died for Glory
Zulu Rules
Soldiers of the Queen
Pony Wars

Early 20th Century / WWI
Dreadnought (Naval)
Red Baron (Air)

Rapid Fire
Wings of Fire(Air)
Combined Arms
Korps Commander
Salvo Fire (Naval)

WRG (1925-1950)
Modern Warfare
Corps Commander
Challenger 2000
Buckle for your Dust (Vietnam)
Seawolf (Naval)
WRG (1950-Modern)

Space Dreadnought 3000
Dark Passage
Computer Wars
Full Thrust
Warhammer 40K



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