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  Osprey Series of Books - Medieval

Osprey Publishing have an extensive range of books covering warfare from the ancient world through to modern day. Their texts are well written and adequately cover the subject matter. Each of the books also has between 6 and 10 lavish colour plates depicting the armies or battles. If I'm building an army, these are usually the first books I buy!

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  The Cambridge Illustrated Atlas of Warfare
The Middle ages : 732AD to 1487AD.
This book offers a readable account of warfare in Europe and the Mediterranean from the Battle of Poitiers to the Wars of the Roses. With an emphasis on full-colour cartography and illustration focuses on military strategy. The Middle Ages in fact had had a military culture as sohisticated and complex as our own, with organized armies and a high degree of tactical intelligence.

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  The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades.
Written by a team of leading scholars, this richly illustrated book, with over 200 colour and black and white pictures, presents an authoritative and comprehensive history of the Crusades from the preaching of the First Crusade in 1095 to the legacy of crusading ideas and imagery today.

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  Medieval Warfare.
This illustrated book explores over 700 years of European warfare, from the time of Charlemagne to the end of the middle ages (c .1500). It was an age when organization for war was integral to social structure, when the secular aristocrat was by necessity also a warrior, and whose culture was profoundly influenced by martial ideas. Twelve scholars, experts in their own fields, have contributed to the book.

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  Eyewitness Guide 4 : Arms & Armour.
Focusing on arms and armour, this reference book is structured so that the individual themes of each spread make up a complete visual story and a self-contained module of information.

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