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  Osprey Series of Books - Napoleonic

Osprey Publishing have an extensive range of books covering warfare from the ancient world through to modern day. Their texts are well written and adequately cover the subject matter. Each of the books also has between 6 and 10 lavish colour plates depicting the armies or battles. If I'm building an army, these are usually the first books I buy!

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  The Napoleonic Sourcebook
This source book contains valuable information on the nations, weaponry, commanders and campaigns of the Napoleonic era. With over 200 illustrations and a glossary explaining 700 period and technical terms. This book is a one-stop reference guide - one for the shelves.

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  Imperial Bayonets
This book examines the methods for infantry, cavalry and artillery fighting on a battery, battalion, regiment, brigade and army level during the Napoleonic period. The research comes from the official regulations for each nation, and is an invaluable guide to wargamers.

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  Swords around a Throne : Napoleon's Grande Armee
This authoritative and comprehensive work describes and analyzes Napoleon's most powerful weapon - the Grande Armee, which at its peak numbered over a million soldiers. Elting examines every facet - its organization, command system, logistics, weapons, tactics, discipline, recreation, mobile hospitals, camp followers, and more.

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  Battlefield Tactics of Napoleon and His Enemies.
This is a highly detailed book covering the specifics of the why and where of tactical dispositions. The book sets out to detail tactics not the background, and hence might be suited to the well-read Napoleonic wargamer rather than those wanting more background information.

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