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    At some point you may want to contact us, be it to suggest another service that we could provide, solve any technical difficulties with the site or even to complain!

    If you run a wargames club or convention and would like us to advertise it for you then send us your club information or convention information. It is a free service, costing you nothing - just send us the information.

Please select the appropriate mail option below :-

Send a suggestion to improve our service to you -

If you are experiencing any difficulties with our site please let us know so we can rectify it as soon as possible -

If we haven't provided a good service to you, please take the time to complain, let us know so we don't make the same mistake -

If you are a beginner to wargaming and need more help to get started -

Hard to find figures or ranges, let us know maybe we can get them for you or put you in touch -

For a business query please contact our consultant, we would be pleased to deal with any of your questions -

For any other general queries not covered above -

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