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REFERENCE LINKS supply a staggering 1.5 million different books. This means they have an extensive range of military and historical books, as you would imagine. Most have a brief overview of the contents and sometimes a third party rating.
(Check out our library to see some books we recommend)

Miniature Wargames
Miniature Wargames is one of the world's foremost independent magazines for the collector & table-top gamer. Covering a wide range of interests and issues, coupled with colour photographs of all your favourite miniatures, you can't afford to miss an issue.
(You can get a subscription through our site)

Wargames Illustrated
Wargames Illustrated is another independent magazine which covers all aspects of the wargaming hobby. The UK based magazine has a good balance of articles and scenarios. The magazine has lots of colour photographs and is well written. Seems to be leaning towards 25mm, especially Wargames Foundry.

Osprey Books
Osprey is the world's leading publisher of illustrated books in the military, aviation, and automotive fields. These books are essential, in my opinion, when painting figures. They are also crammed with useful information on armies and equipment.
(Check them out at our Store)

First Empire
First Empire is a bi-monthly magazine for the Napoleonic Enthusiast. Each issue covers aspects of tactics, uniforms, personalities and battles of the period. Whether your interests lie in wargaming, research, reenactment there is always something for you in First Empire.

Aircraft Resources
Aircraft related news, books and web resources.

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Society of Ancients
The Society of Ancients is an international amateur society for ancient and medieval wargamers and for study of the military history of the period 3000 BC to 1500 AD. The Society of Ancients is run by volunteers for the benefit of our growing membership world-wide. New members always welcome (SOA publish a monthly journal called Slingshot).

'Web-Grognards' has a unique collection of various conflict simulation, or wargame, information. This includes rules errata and variants, game reviews and links to relevant web sites. The emphasis is on board wargames, but miniatures, computer and card-based wargames are also covered.

The Wargames Directory
'The Wargames Directory' is a free site aimed at wargamers. Here, you will find a detailed listing of individuals, groups, traders and organisations who offer some kind of product or service to the hobby. A lot of good information here.

The Miniatures Page
The Miniatures Page covers everything from Ancient Egypt to the Gulf War, from haunted dungeons to dueling starships, from German panzers to Prussian historical era is too obscure either! (currently under some redevelopment)

The Solo Wargames Association
The Solo Wargamers Association is run by wargamers for wargamers, and deals with all aspects of solo wargaming. This site is a must for those who can't find a regular opponent. It is a forum for sharing idea's and keeping in contact with other like minded individuals.

British Wargames
British Wargames is a wholly independently owned website. Its aim is to promote the hobby of wargaming in all its forms. Its further aims are to promote the study of military history and the study of how military and political events in the past have helped form the present world.

Lance & Longbow Society
Formed in 1991, the aim of the society is to promote a historical and wargaming interest in the Middle Ages, the actual period covered is from the early 11th century into the early sixteenth century, which saw the decline of the mounted knight.

Napoleonic Battle Order
Offers several Napoleonic orders of battle (OOB's), in Battle Order Explorer format, which permits you to exchange, modify and print them for your best wargame rules sets. Available in both the English and French language.

Tolkein Wargames
Covers many aspect of JRR Tolkeins works and how you can wargame them. Included are some downloadable boardgames (original SPI game War of the Rings) and also some nice "DBM" Tolkein army lists. I like this site!

Seven Years War Association
The Purpose of the Seven Years War Association is to provide an organization making historical and wargaming information available on the Seven Years War to the middle third of the 18th Century (1733 to 1766)

Black Orc Society
A Large source of information for table-top Wargaming on the Internet. Membership is absolutely free to everyone and we invite you to join and share your knowledge with the world. All information that you will find on BlackOrc is created by our 1,141 members.

UK RPG Network
The UK RPG Network is a resource for everyone in the Role Playing Games and Wargames Community in the United Kingdom. It is a non-commercial site providing free services for everyone with a genuine interest in gaming, whatever genre, style or venue they prefer to enjoy.

Wargame Reviews
An independent UK wargames review site. This site intendeds to provide detailed wargame reviews of all wargaming products with photographs, so you can see them before you buy them. A good start worth checking out.

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Boardgame Players Association
The Boardgame Players Association is a non-profit corporation established to support the shared interests of boardgame players everywhere. The BPA wishes to serve as a portal for boardgamers to enjoy their favorite games.

PBM Games Page
This is a newsgroup for discussing play by mail games, both ordinary mail and electronic mail, and both wargames and non-wargames. The site links over 700 PBM games and has some articles as well.

TalonSoft is a leading developer and publisher of PC CD-ROM strategy, simulation, and action games. Talonsoft create the most artistic, historically accurate, and enjoyable games which are designed to be easy to use and have a wide appeal to gamers of all ages.

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Ed's Hobby Hovel
A Wargamer's Web Page, from Lead Soldiers on Tabletop Battlefields to Cardboard Counters on Historical Hexmaps. Making the pieces, researching the history, and playing the games...a very comprehensive site.

RBS's DBM Wargames Page
Richard Bodley Scott's wargames page dedicated to the De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) rules set. Quite comprehensive with some extra rules, errata, a beginners guide and tactical discussions. There are also some links to other DBM sites from here.

Duncan's Historical Resources
A growing collection of historical resources, from articles and photographs of 17th century artillery, to Napoleonic and ACW wargaming notes.

Wargames and Wargaming
David Manley's site dedicated to wargaming. Lots of interesting articles covering Naval, Arial and land warfare. There are also rule sets as well - take 5 and visit for yourself.

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The Society of Anglo-Norman Living History. Conquest is a society dedicated to recreating as accurately as is realistically possible the Anglo-Norman period of English history from the Battle of Hastings up until the signing of the Magna Carta (1066 to 1215AD).

Connaught Rangers
Napoleonic re-enactment of the Connaught Rangers 88th Regiment of Foot, affectionately known as "The Devil's Own". The club has resurrected the spirit of the 88th and takes part in Napoleonic re-enactments all over Europe. Travel, food, wine and accomodation are usually FREE!!!

Sir Thomas Blackwell's Regiment of Foote
Sir Thomas Blackwell's is a Regiment of the King's Army, the royalist element of the English Civil War Society. We take part in battles, skirmishes, sieges and 'living history' re-enactments organised by the Society (Also runs the UK re-enactors web ring).

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Newline Design
Newline specialise in 20mm figures, but also have some 25mm as well. Their ranges include Ancients, Napoleonic through to Vietnam. The figures are nicely sculpted and good value for money (check them out at our shop).

Chariot Miniatures
Chariot have a varied figure range both by period and scale. The ranges cover everything between ancients and sci-fi (including fantasy figures). They mainly have 15mm figures, but have some 25mm and are currently developing 10mm.

Feudal Castings
A Scottish based company covering ranges from medieval through to World War II. Most of their figures are 15mm, with some nice 25mm Scots Pikemen. Clean cut and well sculpted figures, there are usually variants within each pack.

1st Corps
1st Corps focus on 25mm figures ranging from Ancients to WWII. The figures are sold in various ways, small packs (4-5 figs), unit packs (10-24 figs) and of course army packs. Their figures are cleanly cast and look great.

Mithril Miniatures & Prince August
Based in Ireland, Mithril Miniatures manufacture a large range of 32mm Tolkein figures.Prince August makes figures and hobby casting moulds for 25mm, 40mm and 54mm figures. You have to see the quality of the pictures (you can even rotate the picture of the figures!)

Microfigs Inc.
Microfigs Inc. Canadian manufacturer and online store for highly detailed resin cast structures for the 1/285th micro armor gaming enthusiast. The products speak for themselves in quality and affordability. Our motto says it all - "Small scale. Big impression."

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The Scots at War
This is a Scottish Military History Web Project, concentrating on the 20th Century. These pages are respectfully dedicated as a tribute to the endeavours of all Scots who served their country in the armed and civilian services in the 20th century.

About.Com's Military History Section
About.Com is a large database of information which is divided into sections. The navigation bar down the side contains links to specific periods of warfare, equipment and tactics.

Web sites related to the Roman military history of Britain.The Roman Army in Britain, its fortresses, forts, watchtowers, temporary camps, depots and industrial sites, built over 400 years, with photographs, reconstructions and other background material on the Army and the military history of Britannia.

The King's Carbine
This site is dedicated to the Portuguese colonial wars and geographical explorations in the African continent. Although the Portuguese army and navy fought more than 300 campaigns and actions in Angola, Mozambique and Portuguese Guinea, during this period, it is still a subject hitherto unknown to many people.

6 Juin 1944
French Site. This site pays tribute to all the soldiers who fought and died during the Normandy Landings. Included are uniform guides, backgrounds, a forum and a section on wargaming the landings (there is one annoying little pop-up advert, but the site more than makes up for that).

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Bravenet Web Services
What sets Bravenet apart from the rest? The ability to get all the interactive Web Site tools you could possibly need - all from one place! Whether for a personal or a commercial page, if you've got the Web Site, we've got the tools. Most of them for free.

.net Magazine
One of the UK's leading Internet titles and each month we bring readers an electric mix of lifestyle, practical and web building features, all topped off with the best cover CDs. Lots of free software, very useful - if not essential.

Web hosting and virtual domain hosting without the expense. Globalnet provide low cost solutions, fast servers, and great service. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality domain hosting service and support to their clients. The web host we use, very good service.

Miva Merchant
Miva Merchant is a complete e-commerce system used on our site. The shopping cart facility and modular flexibility make it a great product. If your venturing into e-commerce, Miva's worth taking a look at (note Globalnet above offer Miva as one of their all inclusive web hosting solutions).
SitePoint is an integrated network of Web sites which together form a central location for information, tools and resources for Internet focused businesses and Web Developers. Using the SitePoint Network you can quickly and easily determine the appropriate steps for building, eCommerce-enabling and promoting your Web site. INVALUABLE is the net's first and only URL Registration ShareService. You can use it for free to register your site with all the important search engines and indexes, and THEN decide if and how much you want to pay to support the service.

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