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Customer Charter

    Dealing with us should be a seamless experience. We have attempted to create a very simple site which is easy to navigate. We thought it important to let you know what to expect from our site. Our customer charter contains this information.

Contents of Charter :-

  1. Company Background
  2. Our Promise to You
  3. On-Line Shopping Guidelines
  4. Security Measures
  5. About the Directors
  6. Legal Statement

(i) Company Background
    The Wargames Figure Company was formed in 1999 to enable wargamers to buy figures on the Internet. Being wargamers ourselves we wanted to give the kind of service that we would want. We wanted a wide range of suppliers, not just the big ones, and a range of accessories as well as figures to buy from. We have begun this process with nearly twenty suppliers on board with more to follow.

    The whole project had begun to expand right in front of us as we received words of encouragement from wargamers and suppliers alike.

    We have spent some not inconsiderable resources developing the site and our business plan. We know that we are still a long way short of where we want to go, but starting is half done.

    All in all our company is about giving value and service to you, our customers, and the hobby we have both enjoyed for many years. We want to ensure that we meet your wargaming needs in a fast & friendly manner. In this way, you get what you want, the manufacturers continue to provide their excellent product, and we get what we want - everyone wins.

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(ii) Our Promise to You
  1. Provide a friendly & helpful service.
  2. Provide frequent updates on the latest wargaming news.
  3. Continually tailor & improve our services to the wargaming community.
  4. Keep customer information totally confidential.
  5. Use straight talking - if something say's FREE, it is free.
  6. Provide a secure safe environment to shop from.
  7. We will seek to add more value to your visits to us by way of useful information and offers.
  8. Keep the site basic (no overly fancy graphics or functions to slow you up)
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(v) About the Directors
    The two businessmen behind "The Wargames Figure Company" are Jim Speirs and Altany Craik. As well as running the business, both directors are enthusiastic about wargaming.

    Together they have over 25 years experience with historical wargaming, from ancients to ACW, and Role-Playing Games. Both men are keen to "give" something back to the hobby, which you now browsing.

Please don't hesitate to feedback or discuss anything with them (thier e-mails are in the contact us section.

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(vi) Legal Statement
    We are currently disputing a domain name registration. The website is neither related nor affiliated to this site. We have taken legal action to resolve this matter.

    This legal matter in no way interferes with our business and pledge to you, our customers. We will continue to conduct business as normal. Thank you.

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Copyright Information

    This website, all of it's contents and link collections, are copyright © 1999-2000. The Wargames Figure Company. All rights reserved.

    Reproduction in whole, or in part, in any form or medium without express written permission of the Wargames Figures Company is prohibited. If you have any further questions, or have found someone stealing our content please e-mail us.

Note : Some graphics were taken from other websites, usually after asking the webmasters permission, thanks to all who agreed. If however someone has copyright of the said picture, please contact us and we will remove it.

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The contents of this webpage are copyright ©
1999-2000, The Wargames Figure Company.
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