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The internet is still daunting to many people, but it is also a massive opportunity to increase company sales or to get your products in front of a worldwide audience. The only problem is that it takes time, not only to design and develop a website, but it also takes a great deal of ongoing 'maintenance' time as well.

Most companies, especially smaller businesses, can't afford a full time "webmaster" so end up having a site designed, uploaded and then left or maintained on an infrequent basis. With over 1 billion other websites out there, a lot of effort is required to make sure people are visiting the site and seeing your products.

"On 4 Mar 99, research indicated that there were 10.6 million people using the internet in the UK (18% of the population), with a further 10,900 new users logging onto the net every day!"
- NOP Research.

This caught our attention, as Iím sure itís caught yours. Unfortunately for some companies, the internet could absorb too much resources (time and money). You are already spending long hours running your business, the internetís another added hassle.

Thatís where we can help. Our site can get your products in front of potential customers. We also have e-commerce capability (jargon for commerce across the internet), so they can see & order your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So how can we help you?

We offer three basic services to your business, these are :

  • Work in partnership with us, and we can distribute your range of products over the internet.

  • Have a micro-site created on our site, the visitors to our site will be able to have full access to your web page(s) as well. The main benefit is web presence without the hassle.

  • Advertisement. This speaks for itself. However, the internet advertises world-wide, thatís 42 million users in Europe and appx 102 million in the USA! (Figures taken from "Internet Works", issue 24).
Letís look at each service in some detail, but if you think we can help you with another service not listed please contact us and discuss it.


With this option we carry your range of products at our on-line shop. We collect, compile and send orders to you, who then supplies the product to us. We then forward the orders to the customers.

This gives you the following benefitsÖ.

  1. Electronic commerce without the added hassle factor.
  2. Consolidated on-line orders which means reduced order processing time.
  3. Some Free Advertisement.
  4. Preferential rates if you would like to have a micro-site created.
  5. Increased sales potential, both national and international.
  6. Internet presence - association with a growing internet wargaming site.

We appreciate that many businesses are set-up differently and would like to discuss any queries at your earliest convenience. For more information please send an e-mail to our Commercial Manager, Altany Craik. He will then contact you at the earliest opportunity.


This is just a fancy name for a web pages which are embedded within our internet site. From our front page, there is a link to our micro-sites that means plenty of visitors.

Another way to think of it is as a full page advertisement within a magazine - your page (or pages) could have colour pictures, a product and price list, music, video, an e-mail contact or a link to your own site - work with us to get the site you want.

Take a look at the Pioneer Professional Painting micro-site.

Youíve got nothing to lose asking for a quote! Send or e-mail us a description, or better still a sketch (it doesnít have to be a work of art), of what you would like.

We will then reply to you with our quotation, normally within 7-10 days. Please include an e-mail or contact number and address so we can reply. If you just want some more info and would like to talk to someone, please contact our Commercial Manager, Altany Craik.


Advertisement on the internet comes in two forms 'banner' adverts and direct e-mail advertising as part of our monthly newsletter. A sample of a banner is shown below :

Sample Banner

The banner will be linked to your own website, if you have one, or to your 'Ranges' page on our site if you are a partner. Our rates are very competetive, especially when compared to the cost of getting into a trade magazine. As of January/February 2000 we are getting over 2000 visitors a month and growing.

Please contact our Commercial Manager, Altany Craik for more details.

We also offer a free banner design if you buy some advertising space on our site, so you don't have to go and design a banner for us to use. If you want, we can work with you to design a banner.

Please note : We reserve the right not to accept an advertisement if it is deemed inappropriate.

Found Something Interesting?

Hopefully weíve covered our main services to you in enough detail that you feel confident contacting us. We will treat all queries seriously, donít be worried about asking a "dumb" question - the only dumb question is the one not asked.

I feel that our flexibility is a main company strength, please take advantage of this and find out how we can work together. Look forward to hearing from youÖ

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