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    Being one of the largest online wargames suppliers in the world, the Wargames Figures Company have decided to offer a world-wide resource directory of figures painting services. If you provide a figures painting service then take 5 minutes to consider our introductory offer!

    As an introductory package, we would like to offer 12 months advertising for the price of 6 months (that's only 30 for the whole year). What you get for your money :
  • Entry into the worldwide painters list.
  • Entry into your own national / regional listing.
  • Free change of picture every 6 months.
  • An advert including colour .jpg picture of your work (see example below).

(Example of your entry on the painters lists)
[1] Pioneer Professional Painting

Name : Jack Glanville

E-Mail :

Telephone : (0131) 554 7712

Location : 23 Woodbine Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Website : Pioneer Professional Painting

Description : All ranges/periods covered, painted to wargaming or display standard. Reasonable Prices, Excellent Quality.

Picture of work

10mm Medieval Knight

So what next?

  1. Miss out on the offer.
  2. read on and get yourself listed
  3. e-mail Altany Craik / Derek Noble for further information.

    To take advantage of our offer simply click on the shopping basket below, this will add the offer to a shopping basket (let me read your shopping guidelines). Then proceed to the check out and fill in your details and payment method (Please select "UK over 30" option to ensure that you are not charged P&P costs!)

Introductory 12-month Painting Advert   30.00  

    Then send us an e-mail containing the information you want included on your advert, with an attached picture of your work (alternatively you can send us a photograph / sample and we will create the .jpg file). Please quote your order number from the order you have placed into the e-mail and send it to :


    And that's that. If you want any further information on this, or any other querey, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions. Thanks for your time.

 Derek Noble,
 The Wargames Figures Company.

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30th May 2002