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      Mainly Military and MBG Accessories produce a quality range of wargames buildings and terrain. The terrain/buildings range from ancient and medieval dwellings to a science fiction Star Colony. Also available are 25mm and 54mm diorama bases, ideal for those enthusiasts who enjoy creating and painting vignette's.

Illustrated Catalog

The illustrated catalogue contains sketches of all the products, On each page there is also a list with options to add the products to your shopping cart. Full colour photographs will be available soon in the gallery.


  • Page 1     1/300th Scale Buildings

  • Page 3     1/300th Scale Buildings

  • Page 5     15mm Scale Buildings

  • Page 7     15mm Scale Buildings

  • Page 9     Modern 1/76th to 1/72nd scale

  • Page 11     25mm Scale Buildings

  • Page 13     1/300th Star Colony Series

  • Page 15     1/35th & 54mm Diorama's

  • Page 2     1/300th Scale Buildings

  • Page 4     15mm Scale Buildings

  • Page 6     15mm Scale Buildings

  • Page 8     Modern 1/76th to 1/72nd scale

  • Page 10     Modern 1/76th to 1/72nd scale

  • Page 12     25mm Scale Buildings

  • Page 14     1/300th Star Colony Series

  • Page 16     25mm Terrain Dioramas

1/300th Star Colony Module
25mm Red Indian Wigwam
1/300th Railway Station


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