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    Now simply look through our 15mm ancients figure manufacturers below and select whichever category you are interested in. After selecting your category, a list of available figures will appear (due to the size of the lists, this may take around 15-20 seconds).

    Once the list has appeared browse away and click on the cart symbol to add a figure type to your shopping basket, then after your done, either visit some other categories or proceed to the checkout. For a full explaination of how to shop with us read our guidelines.

Generals, gather your forces...

Figure Gallery
Sumerian/Akkadian Hyksos Libyan

Pioneer Painting

Companion Cavalry
Pioneer Painting

Nubian Canaanite, Syrian & Ugaritic Sea Peoples
Lydians Midianite/Bedouin Elamnites
Kushites Hittites Babylonians
Mitannian Mycenean, Minoans & Trojans Later Hebrew
Old/Middle Egyptian New Kingdom Egyptian Early/Middle Assyrian
Neo/Sargonid Assyrian Early Hebrew Later Persians
Indians Camillan/Polybian Rome Alexander/Macedonian
Greeks/Spartans Numidians Early Italian States
Thracians Celts, Gauls, British, German Foot Celts, Gauls, British, German Cavalry
Carthaginian Infantry Carthaginian Cavalry Marian Romans
Seleucid/Successor Early Persians Mid/Late Roman, Foot
Mid/Late Roman, Cav Sub-Roman British Baggage Animals
Biblical Armies Classical Armies  

Ancient Italian States, Cavalry Ancient Italian States, Infantry Etruscan Infantry

Pioneer Painting

Pioneer Painting

Hellenistic Cavalry & Elephants Hellenistic Infantry Republican Romans
Ligurians Ancient Spanish & Celtiberians Carthaginians
Numidians Celts, Cavalry Celts, Infantry
Scythians (Dahae/Sacae) Marian-Caesarian Romans Thracians
Greeks, Early & Late Hoplite Early Imperial Romans, Cavalry Early Imperial Romans, Infantry
Parthians Dacians Sarmatians
Early Germans, Cavalry Early Germans, Infantry Ancient Britons
Palmyran Cavalry Palmyran Infantry Druids
Maccabean Jews & Jewish Revolt Mid/Late Imp Roman, Cavalry Mid/Late Imp Roman, Infantry
Ancient Casualties Ancient Artillery  
Donnington Army Packs DBA Army Packs  

Figure Gallery
Roman Empire, Roman Troops Roman Empire, Foreign Troops Hellenistic Greeks

Illyrian Foot
Pioneer Painting
DBM Army Packs  

Figure Gallery
Arab Armenian Asiatic  
Balearic British Byzantine
Carolingian Catafractarii Clibanarii
Dacian Eastern Frankish
Gallic German Gothic
Greek And Persian Wars, Assyrian Greek And Persian Wars, Caspian Greek And Persian Wars, Egyptian
Greek And Persian Wars, Ethiopian Greek And Persian Wars, Greek Greek And Persian Wars, Hoplite
Greek And Persian Wars, Iranian Greek And Persian Wars, Later Hoplite Greek And Persian Wars, Later Persian
Greek And Persian Wars, Libyan Greek And Persian Wars, Lycian Greek And Persian Wars, Milyae
Greek And Persian Wars, Miscellaneous Greek And Persian Wars, Mysian Greek And Persian Wars, Other Races
Greek And Persian Wars, Paphlagonian Greek And Persian Wars, Persian Greek And Persian Wars, Phoenician
Greek And Persian Wars, Pisidian, Greek And Persian Wars, Sakae Greek And Persian Wars, Sarangian
Greek And Persian Wars, Spartan Hoplite Greek And Persian Wars, Thessalian Greek And Persian Wars, Thracian
Hun Indian Irish
Jewish Macedonian & Punic Wars, Aetolian/Agrianian Macedonian & Punic Wars, Arab
Macedonian & Punic Wars, British Macedonian & Punic Wars, Carthaginian Macedonian & Punic Wars, Cretan
Macedonian & Punic Wars, Greek Macedonian & Punic Wars, Indian Macedonian & Punic Wars, Italian
Macedonian & Punic Wars, Libyan Macedonian & Punic Wars, Macedonian Macedonian & Punic Wars, Miscellaneous
Macedonian & Punic Wars, Mongol Macedonian & Punic Wars, Palmyran Macedonian & Punic Wars, Persian
Macedonian & Punic Wars, Rhodian/Agrianian Macedonian & Punic Wars, Roman Macedonian & Punic Wars, Sassanid
Macedonian & Punic Wars, Scythian Macedonian & Punic Wars, Seleucid Macedonian & Punic Wars, Successor
Macedonian & Punic Wars, Syrian Macedonian & Punic Wars, Thessalian Macedonian & Punic Wars, Thracian
Miscellaneous New Alexandrian Macedonian, Agrianian/Rhodian New Alexandrian Macedonian, Asiatic
New Alexandrian Macedonian, Cretan New Alexandrian Macedonian, Greek New Alexandrian Macedonian, Hypaspists
New Alexandrian Macedonian, Miscellaneous New Alexandrian Macedonian, Phalangite New Alexandrian Macedonian, Thessalian
New Alexandrian Macedonian, Thracian Numidian Ostrogoth
Ottonian Palmyran Parthian
Pictish Roman Sarmatian
Sassanid Saxon Scots
Spanish Sub-Roman Varangian

Figure Gallery
Mycenaeans Gladiators Early Imp. Romans
Museum Miniatures
Camillan Roman Inf Camillan Roman Cav Nude Warriors
Camp Followers Shang Chou Chinese Ancient British
Early Hoplite Greek Imperial Alexandrian Asiatic Successors
Bactrian Greeks Indians Hellenistic Greek
Later Hoplite Greek Galatians Gauls
Carthaginians Middle Imp. Romans Thracians
Seleucids Skythians Macedonian Successor
New Kingdom Egyptian DBA Army Packs DBM Army Packs

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