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    Now simply look through our 25mm fantasy figures manufacturers below and select whichever category you are interested in. After selecting your category, a list of available figures will appear (due to the size of the lists, this may take around 15-20 seconds).

    Once the list has appeared browse away and click on the cart symbol to add a figure type to your shopping basket, then after your done, either visit some other categories or proceed to the checkout. For a full explaination of how to shop with us read our guidelines.

Generals, gather your forces...

Figure Gallery
Orcs Personalities Racnis Dwarves
Adventurers Equipment & Things Dwarves

Figure Gallery
Cultists Dragons: Hydras Dwarves
Goblins High Elves Ogres
Orcs Ratmen Saurian
Uncategorised Wizards Wood Elves

Figure Gallery
High Elves Dwarves Goblins & Orcs
Centaurs Legion of Justice Thumpers & Leapers
Ogres & Trolls The Undead Tyrants, Reavers, Barbarians & Savages
Chaos Imperium Bushido  

Figure Gallery
Player Characters Monsters Male / Female Character Sets
Reflections : Larry Elmore Collection Beastmasters Encounters of the Imagination
All Things Dark and Dangerous Characters Three-Stage Characters
Heroes (Mounted and Foot) Collector's Sets Fantasy Specials
Fantasy Adventurers Sculptor's Row, Dragons by Design Personalities


Greater Undead Male Humans Female Humans
Skeletal Warriors Bestiary Elves
Gargoyles Ghouls and Zombies Dwarves
Vampires Halflings Sylvan Creatures
Ghosts, Spectres and Wraiths Angels Demons and Devils
Giants, Trolls and Ogres Monsters Orcs and other humanoids
Arachno-assassins Shape Changers Mummies
Bakarathi (42mm tall) Slithe and Skoli Elemental Creatures
Lizardmen Dark Elves DAIMYO (Samurai)
CAV (Combat Assault Vehicle) Dragons and Hydras Accessories
Rules Box Sets Dark Heaven Army Packs

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