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      Dixon Miniatures have been supplying world renowned figures, of the highest quality, for almost 25 years. Each range is thoroughly researched to ensure historical accuracy, and are produced with many variations to give your army that real look. All figures are made of white metal and are supplied unpainted.

      The lists below contain the range of Dixon Miniatures figures. By selecting a range, the list of available figures will appear (this may take about 15-20 seconds due to thier size). If you want to look for a figure by period or scale then visit our wargames shopfront.

View some Dixon Miniatures in their


15mm 18th Century
Marlburian Infantry Marlburian Cavalry Marlburian Artillery
Marlburian Army Packs Great Northern War Swedish  

15mm 19th Century
Indian Mutiny, British Indian Mutineers Indian Mutiny, Horses
Indian Mutiny, Artillery  

20mm World War II
Afrikakorps Italians French Foreign Legion
British 8th Army German SS Infantry German Paratroopers
German Infantry Russians (Summer) Russians (Winter)
WWI & WWII Rules  

25mm Ancients & Medievals
Han Chinese Infantry Han Chinese Cavalry/Chariotry Han Chinese Peasants
Han Chinese Accessories Han Chinese Unit Packs Han Chinese Battle Packs
Flodden English Flodden Scots Flodden Accessories

25mm Renaissance
League of Augsburg, Infantry Grand Alliance Infantry Grand Alliance Cavalry
Grand Alliance Vignettes Louis XIV Armies ECW Infantry
ECW Cavalry ECW Artillery ECW Scots Infantry
ECW Scots Cavalry ECW Scots Artillery ECW Highlanders
ECW Unit Packs Army Packs  

25mm Samurai
Mounted Lords Later Infantry Later Cavalry
Horses Vignette Sets Early Infantry
Early Cavalry Weapons Packs Battlefield Accessories
Ronin, Masterless Warriors Ashigaru, Foot Soldiers Ninja's
Women & Other Humans Legends of Nippon, Oni Legends of Nippon, Goblins
Army Packs  

25mm 18th Century
AWI Infantry AWI "Valley Forge" Infantry AWI Artillery & Accessories
AWI Light Dragoons Frederick the Great, Musketeers Frederick the Great, Grenadiers
Frederick the Great, Fusiliers Frederick the Great, Cavalry Pirate Crews
Pirate Personalities Pirate Artillery & Crew Pirate Ships & Accessories
Wolfe's Army, British Regulars Wolfe's Army, Highlanders Wolfe's Army, British Lights
Wolfe's Army, British Grenadiers Wolfe's Army, Roger's Rangers Wolfe's Army, British Dragoons
Wolfe's Army, French Regulars Wolfe's Army, Coureurs-de-Bois Wolfe's Army, Artillery
Wolfe's Army, French Cavalry Wolfe's Army, Woodland Indians Wolfe's Army, American Militia
Ottoman Turks Ottoman Cavalry  

25mm Napoleonics
Egyptian Campiagn,
French Command
Egyptian Campaign,
French Fusiliers, Helm
Egyptian Campaign,
French Fusiliers, Bicorn
Egyptian Campaign,
French Grenadiers, Bicorn
Egyptian Campiagn,
French Grenadiers, Helm
Egyptian Campaign,
Turkish Infantry
Peninsular French Fusiliers Peninsular French Grenadiers, Shako Peninsular French Grenadiers, Bearskin
French Cavalry French Artillery 1801 British Infantry
Army Packs  

25mm 19th Century European Wars
Indian Mutiny British Indian Mutineers French Colonial Africa and Dahomey Wars
Steam Boats  

25mm 19th Century American Wars, Pre-Civil War
Wild West Mtd Gunfighters Wild West Gunfighters Wild West Outlaws & Lawmen
Wild West Mexicans Wild West Townsfolk Wild West Personalities
Wild West Pioneer Women Wild West Wagons Wild West Accessories
Wild West Packs The Alamo, Texans The Alamo, Mexicans
American/Indian War, Indians American/Indian War, Mtd Indians American/Indian War, Dismtd US Cavalry
American/Indian War, Dismtd US Cavalry American/Indian War, Mtd US Cavalry American/Indian War, Buffalo Soldiers

25mm 19th Century American Wars, Civil War
Mounted Commanders Vignettes Accessories
Infantry, Kepi Infantry, Slouch Hat Zouaves
Negro Infantry, Union Dismounted Cavalry Horses
Ordnance Artillery Crew "Bucktails" Infantry
Volunteer Militia Infantry, Havelock Cap Negro Artillery
Medic, Bandsmen, etc. Cavalry, Kepi Cavalry, Slouch Hat
Battalion Packs Army Packs  

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