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Donnington Miniatures

      Donnington concentrate mainly on Ancient & Medieval 15mm figures, but do cover other periods in 15mm as well. In my opinion they are some of the most complete ranges on the market. Thier figures are available individually, not in packs.

      The lists below contain the Donnington Miniatures range. By selecting a range, the list of available figures will appear (this may take about 15-20 seconds due to thier size). If you want to look for a figure by period or scale then visit our wargames shopfront.

15mm, Ancients
Ancient Italian States, Cavalry Ancient Italian States, Infantry Etruscan Infantry
Hellenistic Cavalry & Elephants Hellenistic Infantry Republican Romans
Ligurians Ancient Spanish & Celtiberians Carthaginians
Numidians Celts, Cavalry Celts, Infantry
Scythians (Dahae/Sacae) Marian-Caesarian Romans Thracians
Greeks, Early & Late Hoplite Early Imperial Romans, Cavalry Early Imperial Romans, Infantry
Parthians Dacians Sarmatians
Early Germans, Cavalry Early Germans, Infantry Ancient Britons
Palmyran Cavalry Palmyran Infantry Druids
Maccabean Jews & Jewish Revolt Mid/Late Imp Roman, Cavalry Mid/Late Imp Roman, Infantry
Ancient Casualties Ancient Artillery  
Donnington Army Packs DBA Army Packs  

15mm Dark Ages
Merovingian Franks Aquitainians Basques & Bretons
Carolingian Franks Arab Cavalry Arab Infantry
Ottonians Universal Figures Steppe Peoples
Slavs Ostrogoths Visigoth
Vandals Lombards Goths
Arthurian Cavalry Arthurian Infantry Russians / Slavs
Sarmaticising Goths  Romano-Byzantine  4-7th Century Huns
Sassanid Persians  African Kingdoms  
Medieval Artillery Horses  
DBA Army Packs Donnington Army Packs  

15mm, Medieval
Anglo-Saxons Norman Cavalry Norman Infantry
Vikings Crusader Cavalry Crusader Infantry
Moslems, Turks & Arab Infantry Moslems, Turks & Arab Cavalry Mongols
Byzantine & Eastern Peoples Ottoman Cavalry, Sipahi Ottoman Cavalry, Quapukulu
Ottoman Cavalry, Akinji Other Ottoman Cavalry Ottoman Horses
Ottoman Janissaries Other Ottoman Infantry Ottoman Artillery
Late 15th Century, Cavalry Late 15th Century, Infantry Roumanians (Vlad the Impaler)
Knights Hospitallers,
Order of St John - Cavalry
Knights Hospitallers,
Order of St John - Infantry
Medieval Artillery
Army Packs  

15mm, Renaissance
30 Years War, Cavalry 30 Years War, Infantry Age of Turenne
& Montecuccli
17th Century Horses 17th Century Artillery English Civil War, Infantry
English Civil War, Cavalry/Artillery Poles & Eastern Europeans, Cavalry Poles & Eastern Europeans, Infantry
Ottoman Turk Infantry Ottoman Turk Cavalry Ottoman Turk Artillery
War of Louis XIV, Cavalry War of Louis XIV, Infantry 17th Century, Infantry
17th Century, Cavalry Donnington Army Packs  

15mm, ACW & 19th Century
ACW Infantry, Kepi ACW Infantry, Slouch Hat ACW Cavalry
ACW, Dismounted Cavalry ACW Artillery Donnington Army Packs

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