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Newline Desgins

      Newline specialise in 20mm figures, but also manufacture some 25mm figures as well. Good Ancients and Napoleonics ranges. The lists below contain the range of Newline Design figures. By selecting a range, the list of available figures will appear (this may take about 15-20 seconds due to thier size). If you want to look for a figure by period or scale then visit our wargames shopfront.

View some of the Newline Design figures in their


20mm, Ancients
Romans (Cannae) Carthaginians Spanish
Celts Numidians & Libyans Samnites & Etruscans
Elephants Civilians Germans & Dacians
Thracians Greeks Kapadokian
Maccabean Jewish Early Imperial Romans Parthians
Biblical Infantry Persians Macedonians
Personalities Casualties Chariots
War Machines Buildings Starter Armies
Shield Transfers  

20mm Napoleonics
British Foot, 1814-15 British Foot, 1809-14 British Cavalry
British Foot Artillery Mtd British Officers British Casualties
Brunswickers Nassau French Guard Inf
French Line, 1812-15 French Line, Campaign French Line, 1808-12
French Light Inf French Cavalry French Guard Cavalry
French Artillery Mtd French Officers French Casualties
Russian Infantry Russian Cavalry Russian Artillery
Austrian Inf, German Austrian Inf, Hungarian Austrian Cav & Arty
Tyrolean Jagers Mtd Austrian Officers Prussian Infantry
Prussian Cavalry Prussian Artillery Personalities
Portuguese Dutch Belgians
Bargain Bag, British Bargain Bag, Germans Bargain Bag, French
Bargain Bag, Prussian Bargain Bag, Austrian Bargain Bag, Russian
Bargain Bag, Portuguese Bargain Bag, Dutch/Belgian  

20mm, ACW and Colonial Wars
Zulu Wars, British Zulu Wars, Zulu's ACW Infantry (Kepi)
ACW Infanrty (Slouch Hat) ACW Cavalry & Artillery  

25mm, Ancients
Polybian Romans Marian Romans Early Imperial Romans
War Machines Thracians Maccabean Jews
Parthians Helenistic Greek Celtic Infantry
Celtic Cavalry/Chariots Personalities Macedonians
Seleucids Persian Infantry Persian Cavalry
Persian Levies Carthaginians Numidians
Samnites Spanish Weapons Packs
Greek Infantry Greek Cavalry Indians
Germans Galatians Han Chinese
Biblical Egyptian Biblical Hittite Biblical Libyans
Biblical Nubians Biblical Seapeoples Biblical Unit Packs
Unit Packs, Imperial Rome & Her Enemies Unit Packs, Greek & Persian Wars Unit Packs, Punic & Macedonian Wars
Ancients Army Packs  

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