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Pendraken Miniatures

      Pendraken are specialists in 10mm miniature figures. The figures manufactured include Romans, Dark Ages, Medieval, ECW, Napoleonic, WWI, WWII, Modern and Science Fiction. The figure packs represent great value for money.

      The lists below contain the range of Penraken's figures. By selecting a range, the list of available figures will appear (this may take about 15-20 seconds due to thier size). If you want to look for a figure by period or scale then visit our wargames shopfront.

10mm, Ancients
Imperial Romans Gauls Greeks
Dacians Ancient Indians  

10mm, Fantasy
Wood Elves Dwarves Centaurs
Dark Elves Hobgoblins Orcs
Lizardmen High Elves Goblins
Amazons Barbarians Ratmen
Gnomes Halflings Beestmen
Night Orcs Undead Minotaurs
Trolls Haedusmen Men (War of Roses)
Tribal Lizardmen Beggar Army Hill Dwarves
Fishmen Sand Orcs League of Ratburg
Fantasy Accessories Fantasy Army Packs DBF Army Packs

10mm, Medievals
Anglo-Saxons Normans Arabs
Late European Infantry Late European Cav/Art Medieval Army Packs

10mm, Renaissance
English Civil War 16th Centruy Samurai League of Augsberg
Landsknechts 16-17th Century Polish  

10mm, 18th Century
War of Spanish Succession 7 Years War Austrians 7 Years War Prussians
7 Years War British  

10mm, Napoleonics
Peninsular British Peninsular French 1/3000th Ships

10mm, 19th Century
ACW Infantry ACW Cavalry ACW Artillery
US Plains Wars Zulu Wars Sudan/Egypt, 82-85
1890's North West Frontier Boer War, Infantry/Cavalry Boer War, Artillery
1910/20 French Foreign Legion Franco-Prussian War, Prussians Franco-Prussian War, French
1860's Austrians 1860's Bavarians 1866 Saxons
1860's Italians 1864 Danish 1860's Prussians
1860's Hanoverians  

10mm, World Wars & Modern
WWI Western Front British WWI Western Front Germans WWI Western Front French
WWI Eastern Front Russians WWI East Africa WWI Middle East
WWII British Infantry WWII British Vehicles WWII British Artillery
WWII German Infantry WWII German Artillery WWII German Light Vehicles
WWII German Armour WWII Russians WWII Americans
WWII Aircraft Australians in Vietnam  

10mm, Science Fiction
Humanity Vehicles & Robots Martians, Aliens & Bugs

15mm, Fantasy
Dwarves Lizardmen Goblins

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