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Ral Partha

      Ral Partha for many years were the industry leader in 25mm fantasy miniatures. They also have a range of historical miniatures in thier portfolio. The lists below contain the Ral Partha miniatures range. By selecting a range, the list of available figures will appear (this may take about 15-20 seconds due to thier size). If you want to look for a figure by period or scale then visit our wargames shopfront.

25mm, Ancients
Greeks Persians Romans
Carthaginians Gauls Hellenistic Greek
Egyptians Hittites Hyksos

25mm, Fantasy Characters
Player Characters Monsters Male / Female Character Sets
Reflections : Larry Elmore Collection Beastmasters Encounters of the Imagination
All Things Dark and Dangerous Characters Three-Stage Characters
Heroes (Mounted and Foot) Collector's Sets Fantasy Specials
Fantasy Adventurers Sculptor's Row, Dragons by Design Personalities

25mm, Fantasy Armies
High Elves Dwarves Goblins & Orcs
Centaurs Legion of Justice Thumpers & Leapers
Ogres & Trolls The Undead Tyrants, Reavers & Barbarians
Chaos Imperium Bushido  

25mm, Medievals (1200AD)
Aztecs Inca's Late Medieval Samurai
Normans, Saxons & Crusaders Medieval English Medieval Scots
Teutons Medieval French Medieval Spanish
Moors Byzantines Mongols
Sung Chinese  

25mm, Renaissance
Conquistadors Swiss Polish
Turks Generic Infantry Generic Cavalry

25mm, 19th Century
Zulu & Boer War,
British Empire Troops
Zulu Warriors Boer's
North West Frontier Sudan Campaign Colonial Ordnance

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