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Red Star Models


      RED STAR MODELS have been in production for over twenty years and is internationally recognised as a leading producer of small scale Military construction kits.

      The kits, cast in polyurethane resin, provide the Collector and Wargamer with models that are accurate, strong, and light-weight. Assembly is quite straightforward using normal model making tools and glues (Epoxy and "Super-Glue" are recommended).

      These kits are not toys and should be assembled only by adults. If you have any comments or suggestions for future additions to Red Star's range please contact Jeff Spain.

      Please note that due to production techniques and improvements some listed kits may not always be available and a substitute may be sent. If this is not acceptable please e-mail us at so that we can send a part of your order immediately.

      By selecting a range, the list of available models will appear (this may take about 15-20 seconds due to thier size). If you want to look for a figure by period or scale then visit our wargames shopfront.

View some of the Red Star's Models in their


1:76th Scale, 20th Century Resin Vehicles
WWI and early WWII Vehicles Mid to Late WWII Vehicles Post WWII Vehicles

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