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      SHQ Miniatures manufacture a large range of 20mm World War II figures, vehicles and accessories. As well as WWII, SHQ also have a Vietnam range and some Gulf War figures as well. All figures are made of white metal and supplied unpainted, vehicles and guns require assembly.

The lists below contain the range of SHQ Miniatures figures. By selecting a range, the list of available figures will appear (this may take about 15-20 seconds due to thier size). If you want to look for a figure by period or scale then visit our wargames shopfront.

View some SHQ Miniatures in their


20mm World War II, Axis Forces
Armoured Cars Tanks Half-Tracks
Tracked Vehicles Trucks & Trailers Other Vehicles
Artillery Tank Crews Infantry in Zeltbahn
Early Motorised Infantry, 39-42 Early Motorised Vehicles/Crew Paratrooper, Infantry
Paratrooper, Support Luftwaffe Field Division Infantry in Greatcoats
German Cavalry Late War Infantry Tank Riders
Mediterranean Infantry SS Panzer Grenadier Infantry SS Panzer Grenadier Crews
SS Panzer Grenadier Support Volkssturm Vehicle Accessories
Italian Vehicles  

20mm World War II, Allied Forces
US Vehicles & Guns US Infantry, 1942-44 US Airborne, 1943-44
French Vehicles BEF, 1939-40 British Inf, 1944-45
British "Mediterranean" Infantry British Vehicles British Guns
British Airborne Inf, Helm British Airborne Inf, Beret British Airborne Crew
Airborne Jeeps Airborne Vehicles British Commandos
Dutch Infantry Dutch Vehicles/Guns Polish Cavalry, 1939
Polish Vehicles Polish & French Guns Resistance/Partisans
Vehicle Accessories Bridges  

20mm World War II, Soviet Forces
Winter Infantry Russian Inf, 1939-45 Tank Rider & Crews
Russian Vehicles Russian Guns Mounted Cossacks
Dismounted Cossacks Vehicle Accessories Bridges

20mm Vietnam War
Nam, Special Forces Nam, ARVN Nam, Vehicles & Crews
Nam, US Infantry Nam, Viet Cong  

20mm Gulf War
British Infantry Iraqi Forces  

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