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    Today, more and more people are shopping over the internet (called e-commerce), this is not surprising looking at some of the good deals available. There are still a few area's of concern for customers though, these include security of their credit card details and the use of their personal details. This set of guidelines will hopefully give you peace of mind to shop with us.

      Adding items to your shopping cart

This is the fun part. At our main shopping screen you have access to our growing list of products. Each of these lists have a little shopping cart symbol next to it. If you want to add an item to your cart simply click on the symbol :

Add to shopping cart symbol :  

Our system will then assign you a shopping cart, in which you should see your item sitting. At this point don't worry about the quantities, simply click BACK on your browser or on the CONTINUE SHOPPING button to go back to finish gathering your forces.

The shopping basket can be accessed at any time to ammend it's contents, and will remain active for 2 hours therafter.

Please note - it's perfectly safe to have things in your shopping basket, nothing in your basket will be purchased until you go through the checkout procedure.

      Ammending / Removing items in your cart.

By now, if your like me, you'll have a shopping basket full of Romans, Austrians, Gandalf and a few other choice odds and ends which all have quantity 1.

You may want 10 bags of Roman's to finish your legions or 3 Gandalf's (Hmmm) simply change the quantity of the figures, one at a time, to the desired number and click the NEW button. You should now have the correct number of figures and corresponding price.

So you've now finished your shopping basket ammendments and realised to your horror that Gandalf isn't a Celtic wizard to terrify your poor Romans. To remove any unwanted items in your shopping basket simply change the quantity to 0 (zero) and press NEW to update.

If you decide you want to purchase at a later date, no problem, there is no need to delete everything in your basket - just leave it and it will expire by itself. In the fullness of time we will add an option to clear the shopping basket.

Home | Shopping Cart | Checkout | Payment Options | Shipping | Security

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