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    Now simply look through our 15mm medieval figures manufacturers below and select whichever category you are interested in. After selecting your category, a list of available figures will appear (due to the size of the lists, this may take around 15-20 seconds).

    Once the list has appeared browse away and click on the cart symbol to add a figure type to your shopping basket, then after your done, either visit some other categories or proceed to the checkout. For a full explaination of how to shop with us read our guidelines.

Generals, gather your forces...

Figure Gallery
Goths & Visigoths Early Saxons Sub-Roman British
Huns Armenian  

DONNINGTON (Dark Ages)   Figure Gallery
Merovingian Franks Aquitainians Basques & Bretons  
Carolingian Franks Arab Cavalry Arab Infantry
Ottonians Universal Figures Steppe Peoples
Slavs Ostrogoths Visigoth
Vandals Lombards Goths
Arthurian Cavalry Arthurian Infantry Russians / Slavs
Sarmaticising Goths  Romano-Byzantine  4-7th Century Huns
Sassanid Persians  African Kingdoms  
Medieval Artillery Horses  
DBA Army Packs Donnington Army Packs  

DONNINGTON (Medieval)  Figure Gallery
Anglo-Saxons Norman Cavalry Norman Infantry  
Vikings Crusader Cavalry Crusader Infantry
Moslems, Turks & Arab Infantry Moslems, Turks & Arab Cavalry Mongols
Byzantine & Eastern Peoples Ottoman Cavalry, Sipahi Ottoman Cavalry, Quapukulu
Ottoman Cavalry, Akinji Other Ottoman Cavalry Ottoman Horses
Ottoman Janissaries Other Ottoman Infantry Ottoman Artillery
Late 15th Century, Cavalry Late 15th Century, Infantry Roumanians (Vlad the Impaler)
Knights Hospitallers,
Order of St John - Cavalry
Knights Hospitallers,
Order of St John - Infantry
Medieval Artillery
Army Packs  

Figure Gallery
Feudal/Medieval Scots Feudal/Medieval Irish Islemen/Galloglaich

Robert the Bruce
Pioneer Painting
Picts Medieval Welsh Anglo-Saxons
Vikings Anglo-Normans War of the Roses
Medieval Knights Personality Figures DBM Armies


Figure Gallery


MINIFIGS  Figure Gallery
Alan Anglo-Saxon Arab  
Armenian Asiatic Aztecs
Berber Bulgar Burgundian Army, Burgundian
Burgundian Army, English Burgundian Army, Flemish Burgundian Army, French
Burgundian Army, Italian Burgundian Army, Miscellaneous Byzantine
Carolingian Catholic/Imperialists, Austrian Catholic/Imperialists, Bohemian
Catholic/Imperialists, German Catholic/Imperialists, Hungarian Catholic/Imperialists, Knights
Catholic/Imperialists, Miscellaneous Early Assyrian Feudal Europe & Crusades, Alan
Feudal Europe & Crusades, Andalusian Feudal Europe & Crusades, Armenian Feudal Europe & Crusades, Bedouin
Feudal Europe & Crusades, Bulgar Feudal Europe & Crusades, Byzantine Feudal Europe & Crusades, English
Feudal Europe & Crusades, European Feudal Europe & Crusades, Flemish Feudal Europe & Crusades, Frankish
Feudal Europe & Crusades, Hungarian Feudal Europe & Crusades, Knights Feudal Europe & Crusades, Lithuanian
Feudal Europe & Crusades, Miscellaneous Feudal Europe & Crusades, Mongol Feudal Europe & Crusades, Negro
Feudal Europe & Crusades, Other Races Feudal Europe & Crusades, Polish Feudal Europe & Crusades, Russian
Feudal Europe & Crusades, Scots Feudal Europe & Crusades, Spanish Feudal Europe & Crusades, Sudanese
Feudal Europe & Crusades, Syrian Feudal Europe & Crusades, Turkish Feudal Europe & Crusades, Varangian
Feudal Europe & Crusades, Welsh French Hun
Hundred Years War (Agincourt Period), English Hundred Years War (Agincourt Period), French Hundred Years War (Agincourt Period), Genoese
Hundred Years War (Agincourt Period), Knights Hundred Years War (Agincourt Period), Miscellaneous Hundred Years War (Agincourt Period), Welsh
Hundred Years War (Crecy Period), English Hundred Years War (Crecy Period), Flemish Hundred Years War (Crecy Period), French
Hundred Years War (Crecy Period), Genoese Hundred Years War (Crecy Period), Knights Hundred Years War (Crecy Period), Miscellaneous
Hundred Years War (Crecy Period), Welsh Hussite Wars 1420-1432, Hungarian Hussite Wars 1420-1432, Hussite
Hussite Wars 1420-1432, Miscellaneous Hussite Wars 1420-1432, Other Races Hussite Wars 1420-1432, Peasant
Inca Army, Inca Indian Khazar
Lombard Magyar Merovingian
Miscellaneous Moorish New Kingdom Egyptian
Norman Ottonian Palmyran
Rus Samurai, Sassanid
Saxon Slav Sogdian
Spanish Sub-Roman Tang & Five Dynasties
Viking Visigoth War Of The Roses, English
War Of The Roses, German War Of The Roses, Knights War Of The Roses, Miscellaneous

Figure Gallery
Byzantines Normans Vikings
Museum Miniatures
Early Crusaders Later Crusaders Arab Conquest
Islamic Persians Khwarismians Ilkhanids or Timurids
Mongols Seljuq Turks Mamluk Egyptians
Medieval Welsh 100 Years War English 100 Years War French
Free Company War of Roses, York War of Roses, Lancstr
War of Roses Equip  

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