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Chariot Miniatures

      Chariot mainly manufacture 15mm historical & fantasy figures. They also have some growing 10mm ranges as well, notably ACW and Zulu's, and a small 25mm fantasy range. The lists below contain the ranges of Chariot Miniatures. By selecting a range, the list of available figures will appear (this may take about 15-20 seconds due to thier size). If you want to look for a figure by period or scale then visit our wargames shopfront.

View some of Chariot's figures in their


15mm, Ancients
Sumerian/Akkadian Hyksos Libyan
Nubian Canaanite, Syrian & Ugaritic Sea Peoples
Lydians Midianite/Bedouin Elamnites
Kushites Hittites Babylonians
Mitannian Mycenean, Minoans & Trojans Later Hebrew
Old/Middle Egyptian New Kingdom Egyptian Early/Middle Assyrian
Neo/Sargonid Assyrian Early Hebrew Later Persians
Indians Camillan/Polybian Rome Alexander/Macedonian
Greeks/Spartans Numidians Early Italian States
Thracians Celts, Gauls, British, German Foot Celts, Gauls, British, German Cavalry
Carthaginian Infantry Carthaginian Cavalry Marian Romans
Seleucid/Successor Early Persians Mid/Late Roman, Foot
Mid/Late Roman, Cav Sub-Roman British Baggage Animals
Biblical Armies Classical Armies  

15mm, Medieval
Goths & Visigoths Early Saxons Sub-Roman British
Huns Han Chinese Burmese
Tibetan Arabs Ready Made Armies

15mm, Fantasy
Lizardmen Orcs & Goblins Elves
Mythical Egyptians Undead Dwarves
Fantasy Beasts Fantasy Armies  

15mm, Napoleonics
Revolutionary French, Infantry, 1792-1802 Revolutionary French, Cavalry, 1792-1802 Austrian Infantry, 1792-1805
Austrian Cavalry, 1792-1805 Prussians, 1792-1807 Prussian Infantry, 1812-15
Prussian Cavalry, 1812-15 Bavarians, 1801-15 Napoleonic Casualties
British Infantry, 1801-15 British Cavalry, 1801-15 Russian Infantry, 1801-15
Russian Cavalry, 1801-15 French Infantry French Cavalry
Ready Made Armies  

10mm, Ancients
Carthaginians Republican Romans  

10mm, Renaissance
ECW Infantry & Artillery ECW Cavalry ECW Scots

10mm, ACW & 19th Century
ACW Infantry, Kepi ACW Infantry, Slouch Hat ACW Iron Brigade
ACW Zouaves ACW Cavalry ACW Artillery
ACW Command & Casualties Zulu Wars Franco-Prussian War,
Prussian Infantry & Artillery
Franco-Prussian War,
Prussian Cavalry
Franco-Prussian War,
French Infantry & Artillery
Franco-Prussian War,
French Cavalry
Franco-Prussian, Army Pack  

10mm, World Wars & Modern
WWII Americans WWII Germans WWII Russians

25mm, Fantasy
Orcs Personalities Racnis Dwarves
Adventurers Equipment & Things Dwarves

1/1200th, Science Fiction
Space Ships Alien Ships  

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